Before signing up for a harvest, please be sure that you and each person signing up has registered previously on the Volunteers page. If you have already registered as a volunteer you do not have to do so again. Sign up each person separately for harvests. To sign up for a harvest, click on the 'Sign up for harvest' button. If the regular roster is full you can add your name to a waiting list.

If more harvest assistants are needed, you can agree to spend a half hour of your harvest time helping the harvest leader. If you assist, you will still have time to pick produce for yourself and to donate.

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Saturday 08/23/2014 10:00 AM Squash North of West Salem Yes
Total volunteers

Number on

Number on
waiting list

Total assistants
signed up
150 148 0 20 20
10 acres of yellow zucchini squash about 12 miles north of West Salem. Wheelbarrows, wagons or carts may be useful. Bring containers for your squash. Buckets instead of boxes are recommended. There is plenty of squash so we encourage everyone to pick more than they need so we can fill 16 totes for Marion Polk Food Share.


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Year HarvestsPounds of food donated
2014 78 23,050
2013 90 77,222
2012 107 89,450
2011 50 38,255
2010 60 28,406